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The Game

Our hero is a new student in the prestigious Brightfield Academy, a renowned soccer school for kids from around the world which teaches the true meaning of the sport to its students. Teamwork, Friendship and Respect are the key values that Headmaster Pelé shares.
story - synopsis
That said, competition at Brightfield is high, and the hero must form a team to stay in school and follow his goal to become a pro.

Our hero's potential is obvious, and this has not been missed by the beady eyes of Von Trappe, the headmaster of the rival Scythemore Academy, an institution that instills in its students the ideal of winning at all costs, even if this involves overt aggression or cheating.

Von Trappe puts a plan into action to bring our talented hero to Scythemore, but Pelé is wise to his trickery, ultimately outwits him and saves our hero from the hardship of spending more than one term at Von Trappe's brutal Academy.

Safely back at Brightfield and with Headmaster Pelé and fellow student Mia Hamm's help, our hero is free to concentrate on winning the Academy Championships, graduation and a dream ticket to professional soccer.